'You Were Better When You Wore Spandex Instead Of Spanx, You Old Slut': Celebs Read More Mean Tweets On Kimmel

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01.09.13 24 Comments

Last night marked the first installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live in the show’s new 11:35 time slot, and they rang things in the most appropriate way I can imagine. No, not with the ideal celebrity/musical guest combo (see DG’s perfect joke here), but with the third installment of the best recurring segment on late night television: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.

Everything I wrote about the last installment continues to prove true, especially the part about self-deprecation being the carpool lane to the public’s heart, but I’m starting to realize it’s the time and energy of the JKL team, the celebrities, and the mean-spirited Twitter users that make it all so magical. It takes six months of nasty-ass tweeting and guest willingness to churn one of these out. That’s dedication.

So kudos to all involved, especially you, the more-mean-than-clever-but-still-kinda-clever heartthrobs behind Twitter handles that like to feel better by taking unsolicited cheap shots at people more talented and mostly better looking than yourselves. Clip below followed by screengrabs of my four other favorites (in addition to Christina Applegate’s much deserved comeuppance). A top five if you will. Enjoy.

You really can’t top a Cranston closer, can you? These win for those of you keeping score at home…

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