Jimmy Fallon Puts Words In Celebrities’ Mouths At The Oscars In ‘Celebrity Whispers’ Segment

Let’s not beat around the bush here. This is Jimmy Fallon’s take on Bad Lip Reading. It’s been said here before, and I’m saying it again. While it’s completely unoriginal, it’s still kind of funny.

This time, Fallon’s British correspondent character went to the Oscars, guessing what various celebrities were saying to each other on the red carpet (and also Joe Biden, for some reason). Is it fun to see a dapper Benedict Cumberbatch whisper the lyrics of “Uptown Funk” to his gorgeous wife? Honestly, it’s fun to see Benedict Cumberbatch do pretty much anything. But the funniest part involves Chris Pratt and Anna Faris because there is a real possibility that the writing staff got it right.

But for good measure, here is some Bad Lip Reading.

Via YouTube