‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Can’t Agree On Who The ‘Real’ Mad Queen Is After A Major Confrontation


Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers for the “The Last Of The Starks” will be found below.

The latter half of Sunday night’s Game of Thrones episode was huge in terms of blows to Daenerys Targaryen’s position against Cersei Lannister. Indeed, the latter positioned herself quite well for the Iron Throne with Euron Greyjoy taking out another dragon before Cersei beheaded Missandei in front of Dany, Tyrion, Greyjoy, and a small assembling of their tired troops. Dany’s face at the end of the episode has lent plenty of support to those circulating theories that she’ll now transform (after a series of bad decisions) into a fully-fledged incarnation of the Mad Queen. That’s a reference to her father, the “Mad King” or King Aerys II Targaryen, but who’s truly the Mad Queen? The case could be made that Cersei knocks Dany out of the ballpark in that department.

Indeed, it’s a subject of high contention. Missandei, in the moments prior to her death, seemed to encourage Dany’s possible further transformation while dropping her last word: “dracarys.” That word means “dragonfire” in High Valyrian, and it’s the order that Dany gives to her dragons, most recently when she tried and failed to extinguish the Night King before Arya did her thing. After watching the Mountain cut off Missandei’s head, Dany walks away with that grimace (^^^) that’s soon to be iconic. She’s angry, and possibly … mad?

In addition, the bickering between Varys and Tyrion about how Dany’s “talk about destiny” pointed towards a tyrant evolution. That conversation verged toward sexist on Varys’ end, but that’s not our point of discussion here. Instead, it’s worth wondering about how Cersei’s monstrious actions up this point, plus her brutal beheading of Missandei, make her the real Mad Queen.

Well, the irony of three children/three dragons is not lost.

Here’s some votes for Dany’s reign as Mad Queen.

However, a not-insignificant contingent hands the title to Cersei.

Then again, Missandei knew what she was doing … and earned some votes.

Heck, maybe Jon Snow qualifies for the title in a metaphorical way. Who refuses to pet a direwolf after giving him away? Monster.