The Haunting Song From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is On Spotify For When You Need To Blow Up Your Enemies

As Cersei’s trial got underway in the Great Sept Of Baelor, the potential Mad Queen smirked and poured wine with the knowledge that nearly all of her enemies would soon go up in great green flames. As she waited, a dark, brooding song played beneath her, and the track is spreading like… Wildfire. Ramin Djawadi’s ‘Light of the Seven’ is nearly 10 minutes of haunting tension and release, and is now possibly the latest signature song in an ever-evolving Game of Thrones score.

HBO released the entire season 6 soundtrack on Spotify this week, and it might be causing people to pose with their pets and or children in epic fashion. But “Light of the Seven” is probably going one step further and inducing seriously evil plots between roommates who are vying for the best seat when watching HBO’s incredibly popular series.

Outside of the immensely-hummable opening theme, Game of Thrones hasn’t had a true standout piece of music. That’s not to say the soundtrack isn’t impressive in any way, because it is, but “Light of the Seven” will likely be remembered and played long after Game of Thrones is off the air, and everyone we know and care about on the show is dead.

(Via Jezebel/Vulture)