The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners Might Be Hinting At A Mad Queen In Season 7

Sixty episodes of Game of Thrones are behind us. In that time, we’ve seen three kings fall, and all three of those three kings all briefly ruled after the Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen, who had a sword shoved through him, courtesy of Jamie Lannister. The Kingslayer has been shamed throughout the series for betraying his oath as the leader of the King’s Guard, but the right people know that without his unprecedented action, King’s Landing would likely be up in flames thanks to the Mad King’s wildfire. Now, the stage is set for a new iron-fisted ruler that’s not afraid to brandish her seemingly-unlimited wildfire. A Mad Queen. Cersei Lannister.

When Deadline asked the showrunners if Cersei was set to simply become a ruthless ruler who has no issue blowing up a good portion of her kingdom, D.B. Weiss had an interesting answer.

Not to give a frustrating answer, but that’s what so much of next season is going to be about; finding out what Cersei’s mind-set is. Who is she? While Cersei has certainly done a lot of horrible things in her life and she could be a very cruel person, the one thing that was redemptive about her was, she genuinely loved her children. Now they’re all gone, and I think that is very interesting for us. Who is she without her children? The answer is something you’ll find out next season. That’s so much of what is to come that I’ll just give it away if I start delving into it now.

Could her mindset be that of a Mad Queen with a city under her thrall, knowing that at any time she’s got wildfire and a lot of it to use on anyone she perceives as an enemy? Will Jamie be forced to take action against his ruler once more? Will he be able to act, considering his whole motivation over the years has been to please her? Will this prove the theory that her younger sibling (not Tyrion) will kill her?

Season 7 can’t come soon enough.

(Via Deadline)