Channing Tatum Managed To Injure One Of His ‘Hateful Eight’ Co-Stars Before Filming Even Started

So Channing Tatum’s character in The Hateful Eight is a secret to this point, unless you’ve downloaded the script (legally this time around) or have seen an advance copy of the film. That said, his effect on the film was felt from the very beginning of the production. Even before a roll of film was loaded into the camera, Tatum managed to injure one of his co-stars in a table read.

Tatum was clearly amped up to be in the film, so he grabbed Bruce Dern’s arm during a scene in the table read and nearly pulled the aging legend out of his seat. Some curses were shared, Tatum was mortified, and then things calmed down. This makes sense since Channing Tatum is now a member of the family — at least according to Samuel L. Jackson.

Tatum also talked a bit about what his kid thinks about Santa Claus at 2 years old. It turns out that little kids don’t seem to keen to sit on some fat, old stranger’s lap in the middle of the mall. Can’t really blame them. Santa is usually drinking if he’s working at the mall.

And don’t think the he got away from The Tonight Show without playing a game. This time it’s Egg Roulette. They smash eggs on their heads.

(Via The Tonight Show)