Charlie Day = Good ‘SNL’

11.07.11 7 years ago 20 Comments

This weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” was about as good as the show gets: Charlie Day brought his manic energy to the role of host, and the writers turned out several sketches that were both funny and topical. Throw in the solid 4.9 rating/11 share, and “SNL” — for one week at least — doesn’t deserve our usual mockery.
Take a walk with me through the best of Saturday night’s show, won’t you?

This was my favorite sketch of the night. Unlike the GOP presidential debate sketches that drag on for six minutes, this is a topical sketch that actually has a creative angle: namely, the inability of the Greek gods to handle money wisely. Jason Sudeikis plays Zeus, and he’s great when he plays a role as the not-quite-straight straight man. And you know me: I’m always down for some dolphin rape jokes.

The original with Zach Galifianakis was great, and it doesn’t lose a step in the second iteration. Charlie Day’s Dane Cook impression is serviceable, but I preferred Adam “Hawk Attack” Levine.

Nasim Pedrad has been nailing her Kim Kardashian impression for a while, but this is the first time it’s been applied to something relevant in the news. In a compact three minutes, this hits most of the things I find ridiculous or annoying about the Kardashians: Kris’s attention-whoring, Bruce Jenner’s frozen face, E!’s exploitation at every turn. Bonus points to Andy Samberg for playing Kris Humphries precisely as I’ve always viewed him.

Bill Hader’s Rick Perry impression was always okay in those interminable GOP debate sketches. But Bill Hader as drunk Rick Perry? AMAZING. (If you need context, I’ve included the relevant YouTube video below.)

As head writer, Seth Meyers is a popular punching bag among “SNL” fans. But I give credit where it’s due: Weekend Update was one of the highlights of the show this week.

Danny DeVito’s appearance was largely unnecessary, but I liked the song Charlie did at the end. I didn’t know he played piano and harmonica.

Question: will you watch almost six minutes of Kenan Thompson’s lousy Cee-Lo impression if it’s punctuated by Charlie Day in a dinosaur costume and Bill Hader as the rainbow-goateed Colonel Nasty? Because I will. I won’t like it, but I will.

The Seinfeld-referencing “writers’ sketch” closed the show. I liked it, but Day could have played it a little quieter.

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