Charlie Day Mistakenly Keeps Getting Zac Efron’s Creepy Fan Mail

Turns out that Charlie Day is neighbors with Zac Efron, which instantly makes me jealous of Zac Efron. At least jealous up to the point that I catch Charlie Day eating spaghetti from a bag on my back porch.

Anyway, Day stopped by Conan and revealed that he and Efron share similar gates to their homes and it confuses Efron’s numerous crazy fans. They send all these letters and heart shaped totems to the love of their life, but then they end up in Charlie Day’s mail box by mistake.

Day is making the best of it though because he’s building a shrine out of the fan letters in his home, hoping to invite Efron over one day and show him the beauty (and weirdness) of fandom.

(Via Team Coco)