‘Stranger Things’ Actor Charlie Heaton Was Denied Entry To The U.S. After Cocaine Was Found In His Luggage

Stranger Things actor Charlie Heaton was denied entry into the United States after a law enforcement official in Los Angeles discovered “trace amounts” of cocaine in his luggage according to the LA Times. Heaton tried to enter the U.S. last Saturday and was sent back to London after the discovery. No charges were filed and the actor was not arrested:

The official said Friday that a customs canine sniffed Heaton’s luggage when he arrived at Los Angeles International Airport last Saturday and officers found a small amount of cocaine…The official couldn’t discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

TMZ adds that Heaton’s lack of a criminal record was the main factor in his release, with authorities allowing him to withdrawal his application to enter the U.S. and return home. He will be allowed to re-enter the U.S., but will have to reapply for admission. No word on if this will affect anything connected to Stranger Things, but Heaton was absent from the show’s premiere party on Thursday night according to TMZ.

Season two of Stranger Things is getting rave reviews following its Friday premiere on Netflix. Hopefully this won’t hamper any of the festivities for the show, but it is a sign that the show has turned its young stars into recognizable faces.

(Via LA Times / TMZ)