Charlie Kelly Lines For When You’ve Gotta Prove That You’re A Wildcard

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When most people think of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day), the put-upon janitor of Paddy’s Pub, the first thing that comes to mind is a gas-huffing, rat-killing outcast who lives in squalor while making ends meet by boiling denim and scavenging for eggs. And yes, Charlie is all of those things, but part of what makes him this way is his role as the gang’s undisputed wildcard. Thanks to his lack of social convention, along with his willingness to do absolutely anything he’s talked into (which never seems to be that difficult), he’s cemented his position as the crazy guy who’s ready for anything.

Along with Mac (Rob McElhenney) as the brains, Dennis (Glenn Howerton) the looks, and Frank (Danny DeVito) the muscle, and Dee (Kaitlin Olson) the punchline, Charlie’s role is vital to the group’s dynamic. So, the next time you need to prove you’re ready for anything, let Charlie’s greatest wildcard moments be your guide.

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