‘Chatty Crawdaddy’ Is The Best Local News Screenshot Of 2012

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12.19.12 10 Comments

I’ve been staring at what our summer camp-attending brother Christmas Ape has dubbed “Local Lobster” (although Cajun Boy, a know-it-all when it comes to crustaceans, points it’s a crawdad) for 15 minutes now, and it hasn’t stopped being funny for even a second. What’s going on? Is the crawdad the story? Or is the unseen NBC 7 news anchor asking for the crawdad’s opinion on a local bill? Did the crawdad respond? Did the anchor sob while eating a frozen dinner later that night, wondering “what am I doing with my life”? I hope the crawdad nipped a human’s nose. That’s always funny, especially when they run around in circles screaming, “GET IT OFF GET IT OFF.” That crawdad’s such a dick. I hope he gets sent to The Pot for Excessive Pinching.

The power of local news, people. So, yeah, best TV news screenshot of 2012? Its only real competition…

It was a close call, until we found out Chatty Crawdaddy was the one doing the cyber bullying. So shellfish of him.

(F*ck Yeah Dementia) (Via)

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