Check Out Aisha Tyler’s High School Photo That Inspired This Week’s ‘Archer’

On this week’s very appropriately-titled episode of Archer, “The Kanes,” Lana finally brings baby Abbiejean home to meet her parents, and that means that Sterling Archer is coming with them. You don’t need my word, but I’ll offer it anyway – hilarity definitely ensues. Without giving too much away, Keith David provides the voice of Lana’s father, a highly-respected and celebrated scientist who simply has no clue what he’s in for when the father of his granddaughter pays a visit.

An interesting note about this week’s episode is that Jessica Walter (Malory Archer) is responsible for the casting of David, as she grabbed executive producer Matt Thompson by the elbow at a Fox party and took him to meet the star of They Live. She insisted that David provide the voice of Lana’s father on Archer when the time came for that character to be introduced, and Walter wouldn’t let Thompson go until he promised to make it happen.

Another even more interesting note, though, is the origin of the above screen shot from “The Kanes,” as that is a young Lana crying over her science project. Thompson revealed to us that the inspiration for Lana’s “awkward teen” phase came directly from Aisha Tyler, who unleashed this incredible Throwback Thursday Hall of Fame candidate on the world with no shame, because: “My Nerd Fu is strong.”