Check Out Oak Lawn Toyota’s Horrendous Commercial Parody Of SNL’s ‘D*ck In A Box’

I caught the SNL Christmas special the other week (you know, a week after the Thanksgiving special) and they obviously included “D*ck In A Box” among the greatest hits from their holiday episodes. It holds up pretty well considering it is almost ten years old at this point, so I guess that’s why the folks at Oak Lawn Toyota decided to use it for their holiday ad campaign.

There’s a few things wrong with this, most obvious being that “keys in a box” is not funny at all. Also is a parody of a parody truly something we can stand firmly next to and be proud of? Is that possible? And is it right to look like you dress the way your character does in the video when you’re away from the video?

Alas, this is allegedly the “single greatest video ever produced by a car dealership” and I guess I can agree. If I had a dealership, my commercial would consist of “hey, you like cars?” and then a phone number. Commission city, here I come!

(Via Oak Lawn Toyota)