Cheryl Burke Shares Which ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partner Made Her ‘Want To Slit My Wrists’

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Smash your “Cheryl Burke + Ian Ziering 4EVA!” commemorative plates. Their pairing on Dancing With The Stars was apparently a total horrorshow. Like, “makes me want to throw up” bad.

Burke spilled her guts on the Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss podcast about what it was like having the 90210 alum as her least favorite DWTS partner and shared that she wanted producers to take their team behind the barn and shoot it. Y’know, from a being eliminated standpoint. Mind you, the way she summed up her time with the Sharknado staple, it sounds like she’d do anything to be put out of her reality competition misery.

“It made me want to slit my wrists,” she said. “I was like crying to executives. I was like is there any way to please to just eliminate us? They’re like we can’t. We can’t do that and I swear, every time I asked, we just kept going. We would last till the end.”

The two were a team in season 4 of the star-adjacent ABC reality series making it to 4th place in a campaign where speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno and Julianne Hough danced away with the title and hopefully the desire not to want to self-harm. Ziering clearly repulsed Burke and she even found the way he pronounced “Ian” to be unbearable. “The fact that his name is not EE-AN and it’s EYE-AN makes me want to throw up,” she confessed.

The hosts noted that they weren’t exactly charmed by Ziering during his appearance on Celebrity Apprentice (this seems like a good time to think about what a President Trump cabinet would look like) and Burke says that’s the version of him she saw on DWTS.”That’s the true colors that they didn’t show on Dancing With the Stars,” she explained while stressing that she had to put up with him for three very intense months.

Burke, who won the big glitzy twirling competition with Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith in seasons 2 and 3, has definitely had pairings that were more to her liking versus Ziering. In her autobiography Dancing Lessons, she shared that people assumed she and season 10 partner Chad Ochocinco Johnson were an item due to their excellent chemistry. Burke would note that she and the Cincinnati Bengals wideout didn’t exactly date, but they did have a fling. That’s a bit different than wanting to throw up at the mention of his name.

(via E! News)