Chris Hadfield And Conan Discuss ‘Gravity’ And The Accuracy Of Sandra Bullock’s Underwear

Astronaut, musician and internet darling Chris Hadfield sat down with Conan to promote his new book, “An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth,” and to comment on  how well Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” stacks up to actual life in space.

The answer is pretty well, aside from the lack of  giant depends and rat fur hairdos.

I’ve done two space walks and inside our space suit we’re wearing this, like a Halloween costume, which is a liquid cooling garment.  And underneath we’re wearing depends, like big boy pull up diapers underneath. And you come out, you’ve been sweating for 8 hours, your hair looks like rat fur. You do not look like an underwear model.

And that bothers me personally because now I’m wondering who washed Michael Bay’s ship during “Armageddon?” Liv Tyler in a space diaper? Steve Buscemi in a much smaller space diaper? Color me disappointed.

Hadfield prefaced this by saying that the visuals in “Gravity” were among the best he’s seen in any space movie to this point, most likely angering nerds somewhere who are still clutching to “2001: A Space Odyssey” as the only space movie the public needs (I will throw some love at “The Right Stuff” for Chuck Yeager alone). He certainly doesn’t hit as hard as Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Soon we will all have to make some sort of honorary title for Chris Hadfield. Interstellar Twitter ambassador or something different that aliens can contnue to ignore us over. I believe he’s earned it either way.

Hopefully he gets to keep the placard.

Via Team Coco/Chris Hadfield