Chris Pratt Can’t Keep His Numbers Straight When Talking About His Amazing Weight Loss

We’ve talked about Chris Pratt’s amazing weight loss for his roles in Zero Dark Thirty and Guardians of the Galaxy before. The guy got totally shredded and most people would think that he’s going to keep on that samurai path to chiseled abs. Those people would be wrong of course. Here’s what Pratt had to say to David Letterman when told he seems like a guy who takes care of himself pretty well:

No, I am not…For almost my entire life, that has not been the case. But for this movie, I did have to take care of myself for a while, but that’s quickly going to go away.

Someone’s going to drink all the beer and eat all the doughnuts. I know I would, probably somewhere after I fill a camel back with gravy.

I don’t blame him. I would take plenty of opportunities to joke about my weight if people were going to bring it up on national television. I also wouldn’t hesitate to show everyone in the studio audience how fast I can down this footlong chicken tender sub. Follow it up with my Mountain Dew chaser and a dessert of two chunky protein bars slapped together in a mound of sickening flavor. You can almost hear Guy Fieri saying, “f*ck yeah,” in the distance.

(Via The Late Show)