Chris Pratt Defines ‘Social Lubrication’ For Leno And Showcases The Lost Art Of Fart Sounds

We noted earlier how it’s been nearly a month since we even sniffed ‘Parks & Recreation‘ on NBC. Luckily the wait is almost over and tonight we got a bonus when Chris Pratt visited ‘The Tonight Show’ to be as charming as ever and herald the return of one Andrew Dwyer to our television screens.

Pratt was on hiatus from ‘Parks‘ to film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ from Marvel Studios and notably got pretty ripped in the process. He talked to Jay Leno about what it took to gain and lose weight between roles, detailing how he abstained from drinking beer or ‘social lubricant’.

“I cut beer out, I didn’t drink for 7 or 8 months, which was really not that difficult for me. I’m not like a huge alcoholic or anything, but I always prided myself on being in a pretty good mood. And then I stopped drinking alcohol for 8 months and I realize from time to time I got grumpy… it’s a nice social lubricant.”

And of course awkward chuckles emerge from the audience as we all wait for someone to whisper, “hey, you got a problem pal.”

I think the most interesting bit of the interview is that Pratt bulked up to 300 lbs for the Vince Vaughn masterpiece “Delivery Man” and then transformed himself into the chiseled beast that spread across the internet like wildfire. All while I mustered the willpower to only eat one doughnut today. Baby steps, it takes baby steps.

Pratt also detailed how he has been teaching his son to make fart sounds, something I feel that Andy Dwyer would do in a heartbeat to any baby, dog or chimpanzee in his possession.