Chrissy Teigen Nearly Died Laughing In A Haunted House With Ellen’s Producer

While recently filming a bit for The Ellen Show, Chrissy Teigen visited a haunted house at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. Joining the model/mom/author/celebrity home chef was Ellen’s longtime producer Andy Lassner. Forcing Lassner to go to a haunted house is an annual tradition for the show because it is guaranteed comedic gold.

It’s unclear if Lassner is terrified of everything, but when it comes to people jumping out from behind things and yelling “AHH,” well, that makes him freak out. That’s obviously the point of a haunted house. And Lassner understands that. In fact, he understands a lot about haunted houses. He’s constantly pointing out what he feels are each haunted house’s rules. For instance, certain kinds of shoes should determine whether or not a person is real. Lassner sounds certain that there are only certain times when the actors should be trying to scare guests, and any time someone doesn’t stick to the rules they get yelled at once his meltdown is done.

Meanwhile, poor Chrissy Teigen (pronounced “tie-gen”) spent the entire trip getting pushed and pulled and yelled at by Lassner. Teigen has appropriate reactions to everything from being momentarily scare like a normal person at a haunted house to laughing at her companion until her stomach hurts.

Last year Ellen walked through the It house with Lassner. He was frightened multiple times with a squeeze toy before the tour of the haunted house even started.

And of course the big one from this series was way back in 2016 when Lassner went to a haunted house with Ariana Grande. This video has been viewed over 23 million times and is almost as long as her relationship was with Pete Davidson.