CNN Reportedly Nixed An Interview With Larry Wilmore Due To His White House Correspondents Jokes

Don Lemon and Larry Wilmore may have resolved their “beef” after the comedian’s CNN jokes during his speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last month, but the cable news network reportedly was not as forgiving. According to Mediaite, Wilmore was scheduled to appear on Lemon’s show a few days after his speech on the evening of May 4, but CNN abruptly shut it down shortly before he was set to go on-air in order to cover politics and the Indiana Primary instead (even though it had ended 24 hours before.)

During the Correspondents’ Dinner, Wilmore made jokes where he roasted CNN, Wolf Blitzer and Lemon. Following the speech, some of CNN’s correspondents, like W. Kamau Bell, didn’t think his jokes were that funny. Lemon, however, allegedly personally invited the Nightly Show host to come on his show to talk about the speech, his use of the “N-word,” and politics, but that didn’t happen and has yet to be rescheduled.

Wilmore’s appearance on Lemon’s show would’ve been a huge ratings boost for CNN following the dinner, and CNN did not release a comment on whether Mediaite’s report is true or false. Did CNN executives have a hand in canceling the interview or was there some other reason only Wilmore, Lemon, and CNN producers know about? Maybe Wilmore will clear the rumors up on an episode of his late night show in the future — only time will tell.

(Via Mediaite)