Stephen Colbert Joins You For Thanksgiving Dinner In The Only Late Night Clip You Should Watch This Week

11.26.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

This aired during last Thursday night’s Colbert Report, but I’ve been sitting on it because it’s just the perfect Thanksgiving week late night clip. It. Has. Everything. Colbert at your dinner. LOTS of wine. Gluten allergy shamings. Dude from Starbucks. Gay relative call outs. The virtues of Guatemalan laborers. The most appropriate Native American Thanksgiving dinner prayer shout out. Seriously, everything. Do yourself a favor and keep it on loop at your dinner table throughout the holiday.

Oh, and did I mention these GIFs? Yeah, these too



And if that’s not enough Colbert on Turkey day for you, here’s five minutes of his best Thanksgiving segments over the years.

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