Stephen Colbert Points Out Exactly Where Transgender People Can Still ‘Take A Dump’ In Trump Tower

Much like Seth Meyers over on NBC, Thursday night Stephen Colbert ripped Donald Trump to shreds over his administration revoking transgender students bathroom rights, a move that even Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos initially only reluctantly agreed with. The Late Show host started off his monologue by running down the first day’s events at CPAC, before digging into the unfortunate transgender order that he said we should have all seen coming, because “If there’s one thing Trump is famous for, it’s telling people where to pee.”

Colbert went on to point out the hypocrisy of Trump’s latest flip flop, since during an April 2016 Town Hall event with Matt Lauer, he claimed that he would be totally chill with Caitlin Jenner using whichever bathroom of her choosing should she visit Trump Tower — which the notoriously conservative Jenner, who supported Trump, is now crying big salty crocodile tears over.

“Which is good,” Colbert continued. “Because I’m guessing right now a lot of trans people would love to take a dump in Trump’s lobby.” Lest anyone get any funny ideas about that however, rest assured that the country is currently shelling out a half million dollars per day to prevent anyone from taking a dump on the floor of the Trump Tower. Clearly, money well spent.