Nathan Fielder Helps ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Negotiate A New Contract On ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’

There are a lot of great things on television these days, among them Scott Aukerman, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and Nathan Fielder. So, it must be the most splendid of weekdays when we get a promo that features all of these things wrapped into one video. Sure, it’s also convenient that Yankovic joined Aukerman’s show this season and Fielder is appearing as a guest on one of the two episodes airing Friday night on IFC, but they didn’t have to all come together and do this for us. Let’s just be thankful for this comedy bonanza, okay?

In the above clip, Fielder convinces Yankovic to demand that Aukerman increase his salary, but then there’s a twist so unexpected and vicious that you have to wonder if Yankovic will ever recover. (We’ll be glad to send him another trophy to make him happy again.) Joining Fielder on Friday’s episode are former SNL writer and 7 Minutes in Heaven host Mike O’Brien, Dave Gruber Allen, Beth Appel, and Matt Besser. Joe Jonas and others headline the evening’s other episode, and the pink-haired musician is happy to announce that he traded his phone for a bird. How adorably hunky of him.