Comedy Central Has Renewed ‘Review’ For A Second Season

Comedy Central announced today that it has renewed Review for a second season, which is excellent news because the first season was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on television. You may have picked up on this based on the number of times I wrote about it. Point being: I give the show, and this news, a million stars.

And speaking of Review, its star, Andy Daly, sat down with Alan Sepinwall this weekend and cleared up a few things. One, there’s lot’s of extra footage they couldn’t include on the show due to time constraints, and they hope to put it all out on DVD; two, he only actually ate about one full pancake during the “Pancakes, Divorce, Pancakes” episode; and three…

It doesn’t really come up until the finale, but what does Forrest’s wife know of what he’s doing? Is the show on television that she could see?

Andy Daly: No. One decision we made is that it’s not gonna air until Forrest’s show is all shot. But the other thing we decided is that the people around him, for whom the cameras would be inescapable, all understand that a documentary is being made that Forrest is the focus of. Maybe they’ve been told it’s about the life of a reviewer, but they have not been told that he’s reviewing life experiences, because that would skew the results. At the end of the racism episode, he could just tell people, “Oh, I’m reviewing what it’s like to be racist.” It would take all the stakes away. Same with the sex tape: for her to have the true reaction of wondering why he was doing this without giving Forrest the chance to explain himself.

So there you go. Now let’s all go out for pancakes and cocaine to celebrate.