Comedy Central Released A Statement In Support Of New ‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah

Controversy-seeking types might not have confidence in Trevor Noah, but Comedy Central definitely does. After it was revealed that the new host of The Daily Show told some dumb jokes a few years ago and made the mistake of trying them out on social media, Comedy Central released an official statement of support for the comedian, saying that the backlash was “unfair:”

While this kind of statement was a good move to quell some seriously misplaced outrage, I hope it doesn’t mean that Noah would feel obligated to apologize. I doubt that even the most beloved, respected comedians have nothing but comedy gold written on napkins, notepads, and even their Twitter accounts. But the fact that the internet had to dig all the way back to 2011 and 2012 to find something worth writing about (and is barely worth writing about) says a lot more about the internet than it does about Trevor Noah.

Source: Comedy Central