Comic-Con Video: Benedict Cumberbatch Revealed How Sherlock Holmes Survived His Fall

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07.18.13 12 Comments

Cumberbatch comic-con video

Despite the fact that everyone who has watched the first two seasons of the BBC’s Sherlock series absolutely raves about it nonstop – including plenty of you wonderful commenters – the show’s stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, were unable to make it to San Diego this week for the show’s first ever panel at Comic-Con. Freeman, of course, is busy filming The Hobbit 2: Hobbit Harder, while Cumberbatch is just taking a well-deserved vacation from being one of the most popular men on the planet right now.

But they didn’t want to leave their fans empty-handed (or empty-eyeballed) so they both recorded a video that was screened for Sherlock’s fans, and Cumberbatch, ever the delightful scamp, decided to tease us all a little bit by “revealing” how Sherlock survived his great fall at the end of Season 2.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, “Nice joke, Holmes. Now shut up and finish Season 3.”

(H/T to Entertainment Weekly)

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