How 'Community' Characters Were Described In The Pilot, Complete With Audition Visuals

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07.02.13 12 Comments


In reaction to the earth-shattering revelation that Jeff Winger’s “…name in the Pilot script was ‘Jeff Crocker,’ and we never fully got to know ‘Outer Space Jesus Negro Lady’,” another fellow Human Being on r/Community dug even deeper (and made web-friendly graphics!) outlining the fairly extreme differences between how the Greendale 7 were originally described in the Community “Pilot” script compared to how they were eventually portrayed.

No massive Crocker-esque uncoverings (Classic Crockers? No thank you), but it is interesting to see how much the characters evolved from their original paper descriptions, although maybe not quite as interesting as the actors auditioning and attempting to match those original concepts. As you can see above, Alison Brie was certainly under the impression that they wouldn’t be trying to “sexualize” Annie any time soon either.


Via r/Community

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