Here’s Your Comprehensive Guide To Ron Burgundy’s ‘Conan’ Takeover Last Night

As we hit on not so long ago, Ron Burgundy pretty much took over Conan last night, finally making Conan O’Brien a man and paying sweet, sweet flute tribute to crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Now full video is available so I’ve compiled them all together here in easily-digestible fashion in case staying up late and/or operating a DVR aren’t exactly your strong points.

I realize many of you are suffering from Burgundy/Anchorman fatigue, but Conan and Will Ferrell’s friendship/chemistry trump all of that. Each segment is half-improv and Conan over and over again sets up Ferrell just as expertly as you’d expect. I mean, they pretty much immediately start gloriously undermining the Dodge Durango campaign for the sake of comedy. If you can’t get behind that then there’s nothing left for you.

When you’re already setting Durango-selling records I’m almost certain hilariously trashing the car on late night televison will only help the cause. Take notes, marketing execs.

Here are some helpful prison riot survival tips straight out of Ron’s book (because of course he has a book). Not to ruin it but everything about babies is the best part.

“A comb with a baby tooth on the end of it.” = The deadliest weapon.

Amazing hair. Hot breath. Sex with Bruce Lee.

Here’s a reveal of Ron’s Dog Fancy cover (first human ever!) and his pyramid of animal intelligence. Seems legit.

And in case you missed it, without a doubt the finest flute performance of Loverboy’s “Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend” in tribute to an insane Canadian politician you ever will see.

Team Coco