‘Conan’ Reveals The Horrifying Truth Behind Matt Lauer Replacing Bob Costas At The Sochi Olympics

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02.12.14 2 Comments

So Bob Costas partied a little too hard over the weekend and showed up on Monday with the devil in his eyes. That’s the real reason why he got sent home and replaced by America’s favorite tourist Matt Lauer. I don’t believe this pink eye story for a second.

But Conan has once again got his hands on the raw footage that NBC didn’t want you to see! It’s amazing how this keeps happening, right? Here you’ll see that Costas was dangerously close to bursting out of his head on Monday and he was sent home for his own safety.

Shouldn’t have had that shot of Vodka, Bob. I salute your guts in coming to work, but you’ve let us all down in the process. Now we all have to deal with Matt Lauer for our Olympic coverage and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Just kidding! I’m not watching the Winter Olympics. Do you take me for a rube? I’ll just catch the gifs on Tumblr.

(Via Team Coco)

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