Conan, Jeff Goldblum, And Angie Harmon Doing Tequila Shots May Be The Greatest Thing Ever

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03.06.14 10 Comments

Along with hosting the MTV Movie Awards, Conan will be taking his show to Dallas in the coming weeks to film a series of episodes. In honor of the event, Angie Harmon brought some adult beverages to the set and shared them with Andy, Conan and a kooky looking Jeff Goldblum.

Now I don’t know what’s special about a “mambo taxi” or why you can only drink three of them, but it leads to a pretty hilarious time complete with a very creepy Conan O’Brien and an even creepier Jeff Goldblum lamenting the absence of his sketch pad.

I just want to hang out with this crew one time. Five minutes or so before one of them has to go tend to their children or something.

(Via Team Coco)

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