Conan Discovers That Jake Gyllenhaal’s Height Is A Hot Debate On The Internet

If you go to the site Celeb Heights and you check out the entry on Jake Gyllenhaal, you might find yourself in the middle of a vicious internet cockfight over the actor’s height. Some folks think he is 6 ft, while others like NPR contributor Starlee Kine have discovered that Gyllenhaal is actually closer to 5 ft 11 in. A thrilling topic, I’m sure, but for some it does get quite heated and Kine found people declaring she didn’t know sh*t about Jake Gyllenhaal or his height, telling Conan about her troubles during her Thursday visit to the show.

So Conan decides to get to the bottom of it by bringing Jake Gyllenhaal out, measuring him, and getting the definite answer for the fine folks at Celeb Heights to add to their database. Between Gyllenhaal being enjoyably weird (as he usually is) and Andy Richter stealing his shoes, it’s actually a pretty funny segment. Conan also can’t use a tape measure, so that’s some more entertainment. “This can’t measure sh*t” is something my friends and I would say in the middle of a job, then we’d head to the couch and let nature do the real work. Take us back to the start!

(Via Team Coco)