Watch Conan Give Producer Jordan Schlansky A Hilarious Manly Cowboy Makeover

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04.02.14 2 Comments

Conan continues his Dallas excursion by going back to a running gag to give associate producer Jordan Schlansky a manly Texas cowboy makeover. You might remember how Conan attempted to get Jordan to clean his office during their last go around, an endeavor that must’ve failed since they hit the road for the newest bit.

It’s hard not to love to the relationship between Conan and Schlanksky because they’re just completely at odds at this point. You expect the worst things to come out of Conan’s mouth and just bounce off and it never stops being funny. Although I really think they missed a great buy with those playing card cowboy boots:

I’d wear those wherever I went and have people call me Ace, it’d be sweet. I don’t know how Conan and his crew would’ve passed them up.

(Via Team Coco)

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