Lesbians Kiss, Daryl Sings, And Maggie As A Bond Girl: A Guide To Conan’s ‘Walking Dead’ Special

LESBIAN ZOMBIES LESBIAN ZOMBIES LESBIAN ZOMBIES. Oh, hello, random Google pervert. Welcome. Anyway, last night, Conan welcomed much of the cast of The Walking Dead to his show (apparently, the Hyundai Tucson didn’t get an invitation) to discuss the return of the hit zombie series, and also to make a million fan-fiction dreams come true when Daryl and Carol sang an adorable little ditty to each other.

You can watch some clips below, including Lauren Cohan on the possibility of her becoming a Bond Girl, but I do have one bone to pick with Conan. He claimed that before yesterday, TV had never seen a lesbian kiss between two zombies. That is very much not true. Do your LESBIAN ZOMBIES research, Conan.

Lauren Cohan Interview

Danai Gurira Interview

Steven Yeun Interview

Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride Sing

Zombie Lesbians Kiss