Conan Proves That Patton Oswalt Is The Punching Bag Of Hollywood With This Hilarious Supercut

Patton Oswalt is everywhere at the moment and absolutely killing it. He’s making each and every one of us look bad and I for one have had it up to here with it! Luckily Conan put together a little supercut that allows all of us frustrated types to relish in Oswalt being pummeled and killed in almost every role he’s ever had in film and television.

And even though Ratatouille is a bit of a stretch, all the rest are pretty clear cut. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a role that doesn’t involve being beaten, murdered or crippled emotionally.

A few I think the supercut misses are Patton being sucked into a firefighting plane in Magnolia, his appearances in Five Second Films, and the emotional devastation of Famous Mortimer after hearing his parents are divorcing on Mr. Show. He’s only the narrator on The Goldbergs, but I expect to find out he’s only got half a face now or something.

He’s sort of like Lee Majors on The Fall Guy except shorter and funnier. Need a guy to get gang beaten? Call up Oswalt, he doesn’t care. Just make his check out to meat and throw him in the grinder.

(Via Team Coco)