Conan Suggests Other Buttons Facebook Should Add Besides The ‘Dislike’ Button

Hooray! Facebook is now adding a “dislike” button. Now you can fully support that friend of yours who is always vague-booking about not feeling appreciated and people walking over her all the time. RIGHT THERE WITH YOU, GURL! DISLIKE!

But why stop at a dislike button? What kind of Pandora’s Box have we opened here?? On Wednesday night, Conan suggested that maybe not everything is so black and white, and suggested some other buttons we never knew we needed until now, like the super handy “I drank 10 beers and don’t remember liking this” and “your baby is not as cute as you seem to think it is” buttons.

Decent suggestions for sure, but call me when they come out with the “I really don’t care for having my birthday acknowledged, but thanks for the thought — I guess” button.