Conan Ruins Christmas With The Shocking, Violent Director’s Cut Of ‘A Miracle On 34th Street’

Conan has been all over the place with Christmas specials lately. First he exposed the very mature ending to Elf On The Shelf and saved Christmas for us all. Tonight he’s trying to ruin it by showing us the unseen violent director’s cut to Miracle On 34th Street. Santa’s come to town for business with the big iron on his hip and he aims to use it.

The shocking thing is how this didn’t make it past the ratings board, seeing as violence usually doesn’t raise too many alarm bells. Now if Kris Kringle decided he wanted to drop trou and whip it out in celebration, that would’ve been disastrous.

I think that the Macy’s marketing department should jump on this. It’d instantly be better than their current commercial lineup and you’d be able to use the gun on the numerous celebrities you’re paying to appear like Donald Trump and Justin Bieber.

(Via Team Coco)