This Condom Commercial Flips An Awkward Situation On Its Head, And Makes It Way More Awkward

01.29.14 12 Comments

The switcheroo is one of the oldest tricks in the Book of Comedy. You take something the audience is used to seeing (concerned parents giving their teenage son a condom and a brief talk before a big date), you flip it on its head (have the son give the dad the condom), bing bang boom laugh riot. And I get that it makes sense, too, what with the numbers of older people re-entering the dating pool on the rise (as are the rates of STDs among the elderly, as Guyism points out), and safe sex being an important topic for people of any age. But … like…

Look, it’s not that I’m skeeved out by the prospect of old people having sex, as my Couples In The Latest Cialis Commercials, Ranked series clearly indicates. I’m hip. I’m cool. I’m laid back and forward-thinking. It’s just … I … I mean …

Maybe if it weren’t a “Bareskin” condom. Maybe that would have helped.

Source: Guyism

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