For Your Consideration: Why Jane Krakowski Deserves An Emmy For 30 Rock’s Jenna Maroney

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Every once in a while, a person will win a major award that will reflect not just the talent or act that he or she is nominated for, but possibly an entire body of work, as if to say, “You weren’t really great enough this year to deserve winning this, but you’ve been so awesome as a whole that you’re getting it anyway.” Some people believed that was the case when Denzel Washington won an Academy Award for Best Actor for Training Day or when Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King won Best Picture. When Eric Crouch won the Heisman Trophy in 2001, people argued that it was for his entire four years of play at Nebraska, and when Jose Duval won the Best Non-Sex Performance for Pillowman at the AVNs in 1989, we all knew it was for the way he worked it.

That said, on Sunday, September 22 at 8 PM ET on CBS, the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards will take place, and seven women will have their fingers crossed for the honor of winning Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Among them, Jane Lynch for Glee, Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen for Modern Family, Merritt Weaver for Nurse Jackie, Mayim Bialik for The Big Bang Theory and Anna Chlumsky for Veep. I have nothing against any of these women, and I enjoy most of their work.

However, when the name of the winner is called early in the broadcast on that night, I will be praying to any god that will listen (come on, Cthulhu!) for it to be Jane Krakowski for her role as Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock, which ended its run earlier this year. While I believe that the final season of 30 Rock was by far Krakowski’s finest, despite this being her fourth nomination, I also believe that now is a better time than ever to finally honor one of the best supporting actresses and characters of the last decade. Especially since we almost didn’t even have Jenna Maroney in the first place.

I’ve previously slapped one of these galleries together for my favorite 30 Rock character, Dr. Leo Spaceman, but the fact that we haven’t made one before, at least more than one page, to honor Jenna Maroney is criminal on the level of the Emmys snubbing Krakowski. Sit back and reminisce about Jenna with me, you factory reject dildos.

1 Balls 1

1 Balls 2

1 Balls 3

1 Balls 4

1 Balls 5

1 Balls 6


Who wore it better

2 Listening 1

2 Listening 2

2 Listening 3

2 Listening 4

2 Listening 5

2 Listening 6

2 Listening 7

2 Listening 8


3 Muffin Top 1

3 Muffin Top 2

3 Muffin Top 3

3 Muffin Top 4


Condom on the floor

4 Ten years younger


5 Panhandle style 1

5 Panhandle style 2

5 Panhandle style 3

5 Panhandle style 4


6 Do you act 1

6 Do you act 2

6 Do you act 3


7 Miss you


8 Listen Up Fives


Drop a D 1

Drop a D 2

Drop a D 3

9 Thank you gays


10 Drown myself


11 All that


12 Only for the attention


13 Cardboard and horse glue


14 Stalker 1

14 Stalker 2

14 Stalker 3


15 Asian girl


16 Kill yourself


Vaginal Mesh

17 Gay man gatorade


18 Then you


Eaten By a Bear 1

Eaten By a Bear 2

19 Commit suicide


20 Disgrace


21 Raven


Turd with eyes

22 Jenny McCarthy


23 Japanese commercial


24 Sexuality 1

24 Sexuality 2

24 Sexuality 3

24 Sexuality 4


25 Sluts


26 Jump back up your mother


27 Business Slut


28 Not Really


29 Baby hooker


30 Turtle 1

30 Turtle 2

30 Turtle 3

30 Turtle 4

30 Turtle 5

30 Turtle 6

30 Turtle 7

30 Turtle 8


31 Me Want Food


32 Spotlights


33 Sing too beautifully


34 Homeless shelter


35 Yawn move 1

35 Yawn move

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Jennas side

36 Glue stick 1

36 Glue stick 2

36 Glue stick 3


37 Kegels 1

37 Kegels 2

37 Kegels 3


38 Flashing


39 Open Coffin


40 Factory reject


I love you myself

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