Conspiracy Theorist And Gun Nut Alex Jones Loses His Sh*t On 'Piers Morgan'

I don’t really know who Alex Jones is, or why he was given a platform with which to share his views on CNN, where literally TENS of people might have watched. According to Wikipedia, Alex Jones is a radio talk show host who has been described as a conspiracy theorists and a right-wing zealot who believes that the government was behind the Oklahoma City bombings and the 9/11 attacks. That’s pretty much reason enough for me to tune out, but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy watching his flabbergasting rage meltdown on Piers Morgan last night.

Here’s a little context: Piers Morgan, since the Newtown, Connecticut shootings has taken a hard gun-control position. To help back up his stance, he points to the low levels of gun murders in the England: I believe the exact numbers last year were 11,000 gun murders in the United States to 35 in England. This is not a fact that Alex Jones likes to hear, and he insists that while — yes — gun murders are at lower levels in England, they’re a fascist police state where “hordes of people are burning down cities and beating old ladies brains out every day.” Or something.

Around the three minute mark in this first video is about where Jones starts his melt down, claiming that the pharmaceutical industry gives Americans “SUICIDE MASS MURDER PILLS” like Prozac and that psychiatrists give drugs to people to make them crazy and kill people. Then he calls Piers Morgan of “hatchet man of the new world order” and challenges him to a boxing match.

The second part of the interview is really more of the same: Piers Morgan trying to have a civil debate with Alex Jones while he foams at the mouth, blames the media for mass murders, talks about democide (mass murder by the government), claims that “knives, bats, and rocks” are more dangerous than guns, and continues to claim that criminal elements of the military were responsible for 9/11. The best part, however, comes around 5:40, when Alex Jones adopts Piers’ British accent.

Yeah. That happened.