Corey Feldman Tweets His Response To The Hoopla Surrounding His ‘Today’ Musical Performance

09.17.16 2 years ago 6 Comments


Did you catch Corey Feldman’s “unique” performance on Today? Of course you did. It was forbidden by internet law not to come across this breakfast chat show curiosity. Sadly for Corey and his angels, the bulk of the response suggests the planet is not yet ready for the bizarre tour-de-force that is “Go 4 It.” You guys don’t even deserve “Ascension Millenium 2,” quite frankly.

The former teen idol turned musical adventurer and angel employer commented on the explosion of coverage his appearance on the NBC morning program. If he’s upset with the negative critiques that range from “WTF” to “seriously, WTF,” he sure as sugar isn’t publicly fuming about it. Feldman took to Twitter yesterday to comment on the attention “Go 4 It” has received.

“OH WELL! I GUESS THE ANGELS N I DID R JOBS #GO4IT” exclaims Feldman in his finest CAPS LOCK in response to a Twitter development declaring “People can’t stop talking about Corey Feldman’s performance.”

Audiences are traditionally baffled by Corey Feldman and Corey’s Angels (especially at minor league baseball games and on Canadian TV), but we (read: this guy) can see a magical world where Corey does the morning show circuit doling out new tracks and exciting variations to his choreography. That’s the dream anyhow.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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