Corgi Friday: Corgi Flop 2!

10.15.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

I welcome and encourage submissions to Corgi Friday, but I need to make this known: trust me, I have seen the Corgi Flop video. You need not email it to me. It blew up in August, and since the video was already widespread (3M+ views on YouTube) when I started Corgi Friday, I’ve never posted the video here. I did, however, include an adorable animated GIF of it in the first official edition of Corgi Friday.

However, since so many of you are eager to share Corgi Flop, I thought I’d make Corgi Flop 2 this week’s headliner. As sequels go, it’s no Empire Strikes Back, but it’s light years beyond Speed 2. I guess that’s not saying much, huh?

As always, more Corgi cuteness below.

A lot of these pictures are high-resolution, so be sure to right-click and select “view image” to see them full size. So much easier to make them your desktop wallpaper that way.

Lucky dog.

(Due to blogger error, I can’t properly cite the Tumblr pages I got these images from, aside from usual friends Corgi Addict and F Yeah Corgi. If any of these images are yours, email me with the source page and I’ll give you credit. I’m all about sharing the Corgi love.)

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