Corgi Friday: Ufford Goes To The Dog Show

Since taking over Corgi Friday last December, I have done my best to do the feature justice. It has become painfully clear, however, that this was a fool’s errand. Don’t get me wrong, I love pictures of the stubby-legged, enthusiastic little furballs as much as the next guy. They are delightful. But I really don’t know if anyone loves dogs as much as Matt. (Perverts excluded, obviously mostly.)

Case in point: The above clip, Matt’s first assignment as a member of SB Nation’s new video team. In it, he attends the Westminster Dog Show with one simple goal: pet all the dogs. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone happier. It’s a joy to watch, and yet another reminder that I am only this feature’s step-dad.

via SB Nation’s Youtube Channel