Craig Ferguson And Drew Carey Will Swap Each Other’s TV Shows On April Fools’ Day

03.18.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

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Old Drew Carey Show co-stars Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson will swap hosting duties of their shows on April Fools’ Day. Via Splitsider:

Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson are set to try out each other’s jobs for a day. USA Today reports that the duo, who spent nearly a decade starring on ABC’s The Drew Carey Show together, will be guest-hosting each other’s shows on April 1st, with Ferguson anchoring daytime game show The Price Is Right and Carey taking over Ferguson’s The Late Late Show. Both shows are broadcast on CBS.

Carey will be bringing his announcer, George Gray, and the Price is Right models to Late Late Show. Last year for April Fool’s, Carey and Gray switched places with the models on the show. Ferguson already taped his Price Is Right episode, bringing announcer Shadoe Stevens and using sidekicks Geoff the Robot and Secretariat as models. Craig Ferguson is set to become a game show host this fall, set to star in the syndicated program Celebrity Name Game, which will debut this fall.

All I know is that Ferguson better bust out Plinko on The Price Is Right at least 7 times. If I were host, it would be Plinko the entire time. When I was younger and stayed home from school, it was a jackpot to watch The Price Is Right and get Plinko.

Via Splitsider

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