Craig Kilborn Has Resurfaced As… A Kraft Mac And Cheese Spokesperson?

It’s been nearly two years since we asked the question, where has Craig Kilborn been hiding for the past decade? It’s now 2016, and in that time, the former Daily Show host popped up on Jon Stewart’s final taping, but other than that, he still really hasn’t been seen or heard from much since leaving his Late, Late Night post in 2004.

Until now, that is. On Monday morning, Kraft dropped a social media campaign to announce that they had quietly changed the recipe for their iconic blue box Mac & Cheese back in December, featuring a well-preserved Craig Kilborn to announce the news. As we reported last year, the new Mac & Cheese no longer uses artificial preservatives and synthetic colors, but — shockingly — relies on natural spices like paprika, annatto, and turmeric to replicate the coloring and flavor.

Vice president of meals at Kraft Heinz Greg Guidotti commented about the change in a press release:

“It’s changed. But it hasn’t.” is the message of a major integrated marketing campaign launching today. The effort features former Daily Show and Late, Late Show host Craig Kilborn who brings his signature style to unveil the world’s largest “blind taste test.” The results are in: moms, kids and even dogs tried the new recipe without detecting a difference.

I have a feeling that most moms, kids, and dogs have no idea who Craig Kilborn is, not to mention his “signature style,” but hey — whatever gets the message out there and keeps our boy working.

And so far, it seems as though the change has gone mostly undetected: