The ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Season 3 Art Is A Dark Nod To Iconic Pop Culture Images

There’s no such thing as a casual Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fan. You either love the show, or have no idea it exists. Based on the minuscule ratings, most people are in the latter camp, which is a shame, because the musical-comedy-drama is one of the best shows on TV. Season three doesn’t begin until October 13, so there’s plenty of time to catch up. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend isn’t the easiest show to binge — it’s emotionally draining — but it’s worth it, and you’ll have “Tapped That Ass” stuck in your head for a month.

To get more eyeballs on the show, the CW’s key art for season three features Rebecca Bunch as iconic pop culture characters. There’s Rebecca doing Catherine Tramell’s cross-legged pose from Basic Instinct. There’s Rebecca as Walter White from Breaking Bad, surrounded by pretzels instead of meth. And there’s Rebecca as Don Draper, holding a black balloon rather than a stiff drink (mad man, meet crazy ex-girlfriend). The posters are not only clever, but also a dark nod to where season three is heading.

“This is a different mode,” co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna told us following the finale. “The first season mode was, ‘Oh, you’re at Starbucks, I’m at Starbucks!’ And the second season was, ‘We’ve slept together and you have to say that you love me.’ Now we’re moving more towards what you think of when you think of the title, which is, ‘How do I get this person off of me?'”

Josh Chan better watch out.