Currently Being Pitched: A ‘Married … With Children’ Spinoff About Bud Bundy

What in the…? Who said this was okay? I want names. NAMES.

Sony Pictures Television is taking out a pitch for a new series based on David Faustino’s character, Bud Bundy, sources confirm exclusively to E! News. Sony TV has not yet commented. [E!]

And lest you think this was just E! throwing speculation around all willy-nilly to see what sticks, the news has been confirmed by other outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter, which included this hilarious paragraph.

The Married … With Children cast have all gone on to success. O’Neill currently stars on ABC’s Emmy darling Modern Family. Applegate has a successful film career and starred on TV series Jesse, Samantha Who and Up All Night and continues to be one of the most sought-after actresses every pilot season. Sagal currently is wrapping up the final season of FX’s biker drama Sons of Anarchy and is a successful singer. Faustino recently reunited with his former TV dad on Modern Family.

Please consider this your periodic reminder that everything gets a spinoff or a reboot now. We’re only two or three months from a Salute Your Shorts spinoff called The Donkeylips Chronicles. I guarantee it.