Trevor Noah Teaches Us The Proper Way To Say Zebra In The Latest ‘Daily Show’ Promo

In this new promo for The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, premiering Sept. 28, correspondents Jessica Williams, Hasan Minhaj and Jordan Klepper attempt to welcome the South African comedian by offering to play sports from Noah’s home country. “Wanna bowl me a few googlies?” Williams says, brandishing a cricket bat. “Or we could scrum down,” Minhaj offers, while Klepper blows a vuvuzela (I think they also attempt some really bad South African accents). Noah assures the correspondents that nothing will change, before quickly adding, “By the way, it’s pronounced zeh-bruh,” after Williams says “a zebra shouldn’t change its stripes” the right way. His (totally wrong) pronunciation, needless to say, confuses the correspondents mightily.

Looks like things will be very similar to the Jon Stewart era of the show, but it’ll still take a little getting used to. Luckily Noah won’t have to go up against the onslaught of late night TV next week, with Justin Bieber on The Tonight Show and Stephen Colbert debuting on CBS. Things could’ve been very ugly if the new-look Daily Show tried to enter the arena then too. Hopefully it doesn’t suck, though, because that can backfire. Ask Chevy Chase about it.

(Via Comedy Central)