Strangers Are Telling Dakota Johnson ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Needed More Sex

Your single aunt’s favorite movie of the year, Fifty Shades of Grey, wasn’t so trashy that it was fun-bad, or so ridiculous that it was good. It was somewhere in the competent, boring middle, and that’s the worst place to be. The film had many problems, including one big one: SEX… now that I have your attention, seriously, it could have used more sex. No one reads Playboy for the articles, and no one sees Fifty Shades for the dialogue (unless the scenery is Jamie Dornan’s butt, am I right, ladies?). Just ask Dakota Johnson’s cab driver, who voiced his disappointment to her.

Dakota Johnson discussed some of the reactions she’s encountered to her star turn in the first Fifty Shades of Grey movie during an appearance on Ellen today. And specifically, the “weird” reactions because of course that’s what Ellen (and all of us) want to know.

“I was in a cab recently, and the driver was like, ‘My wife and I, we saw your film. We really liked it.’ And [then] he goes, ‘…I thought there could be more sex.'” (Via)

That cabbie is a bold man. He’s basically saying, “I paid $14 to see you naked, and I don’t care that you know that.” Anyway, Johnson, who was by far the best thing about the movie, also told Ellen that since Fifty Shades came out, men have been “scared” of her. “I guess they either love me,” she said, “or they’re running for the hills. I guess they’re running for the hills.” No, they’re fleeing because they’re still so OFFENDED by her ISIS sketch on SNL.

(Via Cosmo)