Nobody Asked You, Patrice! Check Out A Few Images From The 'How I Met Your Mother' Wedding

How I Met Your Mother ends on March 31st, and like The Office, I am finding that, in the last month or two, the series has improved significantly over the last couple of seasons as it heads down the home stretch. Part of that has to do with finally knowing the Mother and actually kind of loving her, part of it has to do with all the fun callbacks this season, and part of it has to do with the notion that we’re about to lose these characters who, for better or worse, we’ve been with for nine seasons.

When you’ve been following a cast for that long, it’s hard not to feel something as their characters near their exits. I read a piece yesterday that even managed to completely change my perspective on Ted, who many of us think as the series’ worst character. The intrigue surrounding the fate of the mother has also been interesting, although Cristin Milioti is OBVIOUSLY lying about her character not dying, right? She has to be. She’s pulling a Lindelof and telling us that something that’s obviously going to happen isn’t going to happen, and she’s gonna get burned (Milioti should’ve learned from Lindelof’s mistake and stuck with no comment).

Anyway, as the finale approaches, we know now that at the very least Barney and Robin will make it to the altar, thanks to a few images released by CBS from the penultimate episode “The End of the Aisle,” which will see both Robin and Barney have major panic attacks before they come to their senses. We also get a decent look at the wedding party, which will include Patrice, who should shut up.

And if you want to make something out of what is probably nothing, that photo with Marshall and Lily high-fiving features The Last Supper in the background, which depicts the meal in which Jesus announced that one of his disciples would betray him. WILL THERE BE BETRAYAL?

The wedding episode will air March 24th, ahead of the one-hour finale on the 31st.

via E!