Damon Lindelof Has Shared His Only Regret With ‘Watchmen’ Season One

HBO’s Watchmen was one of the best shows of the year (the third best, officially), but it wasn’t without its faults. For instance, where were the on-the-nose music cues? Why didn’t Lube Man get a standalone episode? And what’s the deal with Lady Trieu? The gazillionaire, played by Hong Chau, is the main character who we know the least about it, and that’s creator Damon Lindelof’s biggest regret for the season (possibly series).

“If there are any regrets, it’s that we didn’t get to dimensionalize Lady Trieu as much as we did in the writer’s room, on the screen. Especially given, in my opinion, the magnitude of Hong’s performance. I just thought she was fantastic,” Lindelof told Collider. “It was one of those things where we got into the endgame of the season, and it felt like we were moving back too much, between episode seven and eight. We talked about Lady Trieu’s childhood… But, a lot of her backstory got shorthanded between what Bian is saying to Angela and Lady Trieu is saying to Angela, in episode seven.”

Watchmen season one was originally going to be 10 episodes long, but it was trimmed to nine because “it felt like if we were going to do seven, eight, nine, and ten, one of those episodes was going to be filler,” The Leftovers creator said. It was a smart creative choice by Lindelof — that being said, I can’t help but feel disappointed we didn’t get more Hong Chau. She’s the energetically endearing voice of Pickles on BoJack Horseman, she was in the best episode in Forever, and her Watchmen debut, when she jokingly threatens to “destroy” a baby, is one of my favorite scenes of the season.


It’s a good joke.

(Via Collider)