Dana Carvey Is Going Back To His Impressionist Roots With A New Show On USA

Getty Image / Larry busacca

The Master of Disguise is back on television once again! Or is he? Just kidding, it’s him. Dana Carvey, he of many faces and voices, is returning to television as the host of a new show. The SNL vet, who rose to fame with impressions and characters such as “The Church Lady” and the first President George H.W. Bush, will be the face of USA’s First Impressions. The show will consist of a group of young comedians competing against each other to be crowned the best impressionist of them all. Carvey will mentor the contestants as well as host, presumably using different voices and mannerisms when he switches between each role.

According to reports, there will also be celebrity guests swinging by the set every now and then to participate in the shenanigans. That means there is a small chance this show takes a complete left turn and brings on absolutely awful celebrities who are not at all able to do impressions in order to make the contestants look like the next Will Ferrell. It probably won’t go with that particular strategy, but just imagine Mariah Carey or One Direction trying to nail a celebrity impression and try to convince yourself it wouldn’t be amazing. Instead, the guests will probably be people like Mike Myers, Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Frank Caliendo. In other words, comedians who are really good at their job. How boring. A nice compromise? Ariana Grande, who is one of the least likely celebrity impressionists ever. We know she has at least one bullet in the chamber.

(via The A.V. Club)